About Us

The National Association for Gun Rights, often referred to as “NAGR”, is the fastest growing gun rights group in America.

NAGR was founded in 2001 as a 501(C)4 civil rights advocacy organization designed to educate gun owners about state and federal legislation that affects their gun rights. NAGR assists the growing movement of state-level grassroots gun rights organizations, as well as organizing grassroots lobbying on state and federal legislation.


As an advocacy group, our purpose is to educate gun owners and gun rights’ supporters on gun rights issues both at the local and federal level.

To that end, on average we spend 88% of our annual budget on communications with gun owners and our members regarding the issues at hand; and during the 2010 year, that percentage has actually increased to 94%.

(Our 990 IRS forms can be viewed for free at Guidestar. )

Our Accomplishments:

On the federal level, areas in which NAGR has led the charge include the fight against the UN Small Arms Treaty and the derailment of H.R.45 (which has largely been defeated due to the groundswell response from members).

On the local level, NAGR has assisted various grassroots state organizations in everything from helping form the group to professional and financial assistance. These groups include: Wyoming Gun Owners, Iowa Gun Owners, South Dakota Gun Owners, & New Hampshire Firearms Coalition, to name a few. Many of these groups are truly on the front lines when it comes to defending individual’s rights in their home states.

For example, the Wyoming Gun Owners group recently helped pass the “Firearms Freedom Act” and Iowa Gun Owners has been working diligently to get a true Concealed Carry law passed.

What makes NAGR different from other gun groups?

There is an old adage that states “in the myriad of counselors” there is wisdom. At times people question: “Why another gun rights group?” We believe that what sets us apart from other national gun groups is our commitment to being a grassroots-oriented group. Our agenda is not dictated by a top-down mentality, rather it is dictated by what directly serves the interests of our hundreds of thousands of members — and that is the protection of their gun rights.


The National Association for Gun Rights is comprised of a small, dedicated staff of individuals whose experience in state-level legislative battles and campaigns makes them ideally suited to understand the political process. Our passion is to see our Legislators (both locally and nationally) upholding your 2nd Amendment rights, without compromise.


NAGR-PAC is an affiliated PAC, as recognized by the Federal Election Commission. This enables us to directly support candidates that we believe have a solid pro-gun record.