Recent Victories: What Your National Association for Gun Rights has Accomplished

Constitutional Carry on the Move

In May of 2016, Constitutional Carry cleared both chambers of the Missouri Legislature thanks to the grassroots lobbying of NAGR members. As expected, Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed SB 656 but our members led the charge for an override vote in the House and Senate after the veto.

During the September Veto Override session, both chambers successfully overturned Gov. Nixon’s veto of SB 656, and Constitutional Carry became law.

On February 22nd, 2017 New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu signed SB 12 into law.

While Constitutional Carry efforts had been stonewalled at first by previous Governor Hassan, current Governor Chris Sununu promised to sign Constitutional Carry into and followed through on his promise. NAGR staff members were on hand to testify in support of SB 12 in both the House and Senate after years of NAGR members lobbying in the state.

Anti-gun Secretary of State Defeated

NAGR staff and members alike were shocked when the anti-gun retired U.S. Army General, David Petraeus, made headlines as a potential candidate for Secretary of State in the fall of 2016.

Petraeus publicly joined forces with Mark Kelly and anti-gun activist Gabby Giffords to launch a new gun control group aimed at restricting your right to keep and bear arms.

Once his candidacy for Secretary of State was official, NAGR mobilized our members and we collected tens of thousands of petitions in opposition of his nomination. Soon after, Petraeus was swiftly withdrawn for consideration for Secretary of State.

Grassroots lobbying by our members proved to make a difference in stopping his nomination.

Lead Ammo Ban Overturned

On his last full day in office, former President Obama handed down Order No. 219, which banned sportsmen and hunters from using ammunition containing lead “to the fullest extent practicable,” on public lands, effectively banning 95% of ammunition used in the United States.

NAGR was the only Second Amendment group actively running ads and collecting signatures to oppose Order 219, which not only placed an undue restriction on gun owners, but put lands that were already regulated by the states under federal control.

After a massive internet campaign, and collecting nearly 100,000 signatures, NAGR is proud to report that the ban was overturned before it even took effect.

Newly minted Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke heeded the voice of law-abiding gun owners and repealed Order 219.

Social Security Gun Ban Repealed

After a long year of coordinated grassroots efforts organized by NAGR, President Trump signed a full repeal of the “Social Security Gun Ban.”

This insidious gun ban allowed the Social Security Administration to take away Social Security recipients Second Amendment rights with the stroke of a pen, without due process of law. It did so by granting the Social Security Administration to label individuals as “prohibited person” under the law because they have a representative payee manage their benefits.

We could not stand for such a violation of both the gun rights and the right to due process.

NAGR staff members hand-delivered over 89,000 signed petitions to the Social Security Administration during their open comment period, calling for an end to their practice of reporting Social Security recipients to the NICS system without a court hearing.

The Administration admitted that NAGR supporters made up the overwhelming majority of the input opposing their gun ban.

Undeterred, your National Association for Gun Rights collected over 300,000 petitions and sent them to Congress, demanding that Social Security recipients’ rights be restored.

Both the House and Senate passed HJ Resolution 40 at our urging, ending the gun the ban.

The “Social Security Gun Ban” has officially been repealed and recipients no longer have to live in fear that their God-given right to keep and bear arms will be stripped away.

Going Forward

Even after such huge massive victories, NAGR refuses to rest on our laurels. There is still much to do to restore our Second Amendment rights, both at the state and federal level.

That is why we have our Pro-Gun Agenda for 2017.

Going forward NAGR will make it a priority to continue our efforts in repealing gun control, and passing pro-gun legislation.

With our 4.5 million supporters and members, we are confident that we can restore the Second Amendment across the nation.