Red Flag Gun Confiscation

Red Flag Gun Confiscation

“Red Flag” – Quick Facts & Talking Points:

The Myth of Due Process

Not a single one of the 17 states with “Red Flag” laws have due process. It is impossible to have due process and confiscate guns first. Further, the burden of proof is much lower to take the guns than to get them back.


Dangerous for Law Enforcement and Gun Owners Alike (lives are at stake)

“Red Flag” gun confiscation laws put rank and file law enforcement officers and everyday citizens in danger, as evidenced by a Maryland man who was shot and killed by a SWAT team in his own home during an unannounced raid at S o’clock in the morning.


Ripe for Abuse

Abusive partners and criminals will use “Red Flag” laws to disarm their partners, neighbors, and potential victims. “Red Flag” laws do not provide penalties for false accusations, and even if they did, they will be seldom enforced.

“Red Flag” laws target law-abiding citizens who have not committed a crime, in other words, it’s an unconstitutional “pre-crime” program similar to what you’d expect to see in Communist China.


Bribing States

Another federal money handout used to bribe states into passing strict and more-infringing “Red Flag” laws, while punishing states that do not.


“Red Flag” Laws are About Taking Guns, and Only Guns

They aren’t confiscating knives, prescription meds, cars, or propane tanks.


All 5O states already have procedures to separate crazy people and guns (ex: 72 hour holds).