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Dudley Brown, Executive Vice-President

Dudley Brown, Executive Vice-President, National Association for Gun RightsDudley Brown, President

Dudley has been a professional gun rights lobbyist since 1993. He serves as the CEO of two non-profit groups, the National Association for Gun Rights and Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, Colorado’s largest gun rights organization.

He and his wife, Jody, live in Northern Colorado and enjoy shooting, working at their church, and raising their two children. The Brown family takes the Second Amendment seriously and celebrates it as a right, a hobby, a means of family bonding, and source of pride.

Brown has worked for the United State Senate, Congressional campaigns, and hundreds of state legislative campaigns. He founded RMGO ( in 1996 as a no-compromise gun rights lobby concentrating on Colorado, and joined NAGR in 2006.

Brown has appeared as a guest on Fox News, Hannity & Colmes (numerous times), CNBC’s Geraldo Rivera, the NBC Nightly News, and literally hundreds of electronic and print media outlets

He is a certified Firearms Instructor, and own dozens of firearms, including family heirlooms and legally registered machine guns.