Gun control failed again

Dear NAGR Supporter,

The horrific murders in Parkland, Florida yesterday have left me feeling sad and angry.

I can only imagine the pain the parents and families of those who were murdered at the hands of this evil individual are feeling right now.

My prayers and those of my staff here at the National Association for Gun Rights go out to the families of the victims of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

But already, like in so many cases before, the gun control lobby is shamelessly using the blood of innocents to advance their anti-gun agenda.

And NAGR Supporter, that’s why I am angry.

While the entire country is mourning with our friends in Florida, politicians and media zealots are using this “opportunity” to grandstand for gun control.

Before the victims were even accounted for, U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) was already making calls for universal gun registration in a CNN interview.

Within minutes of the news breaking, anti-gun U.S. Senator Dianne “turn ’em in” Feinstein (D-CA) immediately took to Twitter to demand a vote on her so-called “assault weapons” ban.

While the media and politicians are all too eager to regurgitate their gun control narrative, they are all leaving out one very important fact . . .

The school was another “gun-free” zone!

That’s right.

Under both Federal and Florida State Law, no parent, teacher, or faculty member could have legally returned fire at this attacker.

Once again, a few signs and wishful snowflake thinking failed to protect the innocent lives of our children from the dangers of the real world.

Instead, these laws assured another killer that virtually no one would be able to stop his rampage.

Reports are there was just a single armed officer on the entire campus of one of the largest High Schools in the state. Sadly, that was not enough to stop this attack.

Why do we continue prohibiting law-abiding gun owners from protecting our children -- our most precious resources?

Make no mistake, NAGR Supporter, the Second Amendment is NOT the problem.

Gun control causes the problem.

Gun control is the problem

Deranged mad-men like yesterday’s shooter never stop taking advantage of gun control.

The reality is that confronting evil with force is essential to defending innocent life.

And until lawmakers are willing to abandon their gun control crusades and focus on policies that empower victims, I’m afraid little will change.

The last thing we can afford is to give up our right to defend ourselves and our children.

That’s why we must work together to ensure every so-called “pro-gun” Congressman and Senator in Washington, D.C. does not follow suit and cave to the demands of the mainstream media.

The fact remains that so-called “gun-free” zones are nothing but deadly killing zones.

And that’s why the National Association for Gun Rights is fighting to repeal all gun-free zones.

Every law-abiding American deserves the right to defend themselves from attackers and nut-jobs like this.

As Second Amendment activists, we MUST be vigilant in these times -- not just in the defense of our loved ones, but in defense of our right to keep and bear arms.

Gun grabbers seize upon every outrage and crime, so we must always be prepared to protect our Second Amendment rights.

You and I both know the gun control crowd will work every angle of this massacre as an excuse to restrict our God-given rights.

Please do two things today: pray for the families of the victims, and then prepare for yet another gun control blitz.

Your continued engagement and activism could be the only thing that stands between our gun rights and coming gun control schemes.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
National Association for Gun Rights

P.S. Dianne Feinstein, Bill Nelson, and their anti-gun allies are saying yesterday’s shooting in Parkland is YOUR fault.

Even though all the evidence points toward it being yet ANOTHER act of evil committed by a deranged madman, they are relentless.

Already, gun grabbers in Washington, D.C. are making siren calls for gun control.

And that’s why we must fight back, and make it clear to the anti-gunners in Washington that we will not give in to their anti-gun demands.

Please do two things today: pray for the families of the victims, and then prepare for yet another gun control blitz.

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