The Battle Lines are Shifting

Dear NAGR Supporter,

You’ve probably seen the news -- earlier in the week Donald Trump calls for more gun control and insists Republicans pass it immediately ...

By the end of the week, he talked about arming teachers and opposed bringing back the Clinton Gun ban on so-called “assault rifles.”

And I will tell you what helped make the difference.


Your actions, and that of hundreds of thousands of other National Association for Gun Rights supporters stood up against new gun control -- even to our popular, and usually solid President. No other group in the country has been so clear or uncompromising, but us.

But now we enter the most dangerous time, and I need your help more than ever.

You see, the truth is we really don’t know what, if any, gun control bills the President might sign if they reach his desk ... or honestly what he will say or tweet next.

But we do know that Congress is coming back to Washington Monday; the anti-gun media brigade is focusing all of its effort on arm-twisting weak Republican leaders into passing a gun control “deal.”

So, please click here to sign your NO GUN CONTROL, NO DEALS Petition to President Trump and your lawmakers right away.

If you already signed your petition, PLEASE forward this email to your pro-gun friends and family, with "I signed this, please do too ... it is very important" note.

Often I am asked -- where is the NRA now?

And for too long, the honest answer is: Up until this week they were silent, and even backed the very gun control we are opposing.

In the last few days they have changed their tune to stand a bit more firm.

But NAGR Supporter, here is what really has me worried:

In the corridors of Congress and fancy restaurants of the D.C. beltway, I fear that once again deals are being cut to pass “acceptable” gun control.

After all, it was the NRA that first proposed on October 5th that the Trump White House ban so-called “bump stocks” and similar firearm components and accessories.

And they also publicly support the Feinstein-Cornyn bill to expand the Brady-NICS gun control database (S.2135), which:

*** Would have done nothing to stop the killers in Florida, Texas, or Las Vegas.

*** Will strip gun rights from law-abiding Americans without trial or due process!

*** Is sponsored by vehemently anti-gun Democrat Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Chris Murphy (D-CT).

If rammed through Congress and signed into law it will:

*** FORCE federal agencies and states to expand their record keeping -- steadily building the largest gun control database in U.S. history.

*** PUNISH states for not handing over tens of thousands of private records of hundreds of thousands of gun owners to Big Brother in Washington, D.C.

*** REWARD states with tens of millions of dollars for turning over their residents’ records to gun control elites occupying federal agencies, and eagerly building the Brady-NICS Super Database.

*** UN-REPEAL the Obama-era Social Security Gun Ban and expand the “Veterans Gun Ban” to other departments and agencies.

I’m afraid this is just the starting point for next week’s gun control push.

Mark my words, it will only get worse from here as anti-gun Democrats gobble down every concession and demand more.

Already, some Republicans are prepared to offer even more gun control giveaways like:

*** Pretend Republican Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) is introducing legislation to ban 18 to 20 year olds from buying shotguns and rifles. In other words, turning a 20 year old single mother into a felon for trying to defend her family, and a military vet banned from owning guns far less deadly than those he is trained to use in war.

*** Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) is rushing to re-introduce his failed “Toomey-Manchin” gun control scheme to ban virtually all firearm sales without government approval, which he pushed for in 2013 with President Obama leading the cheering.

*** Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) said at CNN’s recent charade of a town hall he is “reconsidering” banning standard capacity magazines.

*** Senator Rubio also announced he’s supporting “Gun Violence Confiscation Orders” to let anti-gun family members or disgruntled ex-partners file to confiscate firearms from law-abiding gun owners because of something as simple as a pro-gun Facebook post.

We could see votes on these specific threats and perhaps even more radical gun control measures very soon.

So that’s why I am counting on you to double down and draw a line in the sand to these Washington politicians in BOTH parties.

The message is clear: Hands off the Second Amendment.

Here’s what you can do to help:

Please click here to sign your NO GUN CONTROL, NO DEALS Petition to President Trump and your lawmakers right away, and when you’re done make a generous contribution of $50, $35 or even $20.

When gun owners speak up, President Trump and Washington politicians listen -- today, we are the loudest, clearest voice in America opposing ALL new gun control.

And together you and I may be even be able to convince President Trump to return to his campaign roots and completely reject gun control ... and instead fully embrace meaningful life-saving reforms –- like repealing so-called “gun free zones” at schools and the Veterans Disarmament Act.

So please don’t delay. Sign your petition today!

And if you can, please consider making a generous contribution to help keep the calls and petitions flooding in.

Whether you can give $50, $35, $20, or even just $5 or $10, it will be greatly appreciated.

Your National Association for Gun Rights relies 100% on the voluntary donations and dues of our supporters and members.

So whether you can make a special donation at this critical time of even $1000 or more -- as a few of our members can do -- or if for you a contribution of $25 or $50 is a sacrifice... I just ask you to contribute as you can.

We must not slow down; now is the time to double down.

Thank you for your continued support.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
National Association for Gun Rights

P.S. Thanks to powerful action from hundreds of thousands of National Association for Gun Rights supporters, President Donald Trump has begun to shift his public rhetoric away from promoting gun control and back closer to his campaign roots.

This is an encouraging development.

But the gun control fanatics are hoping the damage has already been done, and that Congress will strike a “deal” on gun control when they get back in town in just a few days -- as timid Republicans seek any gun control to appease the anti-gunners and the media.

That’s why you and I need to increase the pressure.

So, please click here to sign your NO GUN CONTROL, NO DEALS Petition to President Trump and your lawmakers right away.

And if you can, please consider making a generous contribution to help keep the calls and petitions flooding in.

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