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Wednesday, 20 December 2017 09:02

Arizona Man Shot During Home Invasion

A Yuma, Arizona man’s escape from the police was promptly impeded when confronted by an armed homeowner.

 38-year-old Jesus Coronado was fleeing from the police when he chose the wrong house to break into. Upon entering the home, Coronado was met with the armed homeowner.

According to a KYMA news report, Coronado sustained a gunshot wound in the hand before he made off with the homeowner’s gun. 

The homeowner was armed with a weapon and a short scuffle ensued. Coronado was shot in the hand but was non-life threatening.

Coronado took the homeowner's firearm and left the residence with the weapon. The officer heard the gunshot and yelling inside the home leading him to enter to search for Coronado.

As Coronado crossed the street he was apprehended and arrested.

No other injuries were involved.

Yuma County Sheriff's Office's Criminal Investigation unit is leading the investigation and is still underway.

Coronado has been released from Yuma Regional Medical Center and was booked at the Yuma County Detention Center where he faces charges of robbery, aggravated assault and an outstanding felony warrant for unlawful flight from law enforcement.

Coronado took a gamble when he decided to break into the home and he came out on the losing side.

The homeowner was able to confront this criminal and lead police to an arrest, thanks to his Constitutional Right to bear arms.

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A violent homeinvader was shot dead by the homeowner in Yuma. When the 48-year old trespasser forced his way into an apartment, the homeowner told him to leave. The invader made a threat instead, and a physical altercation began. The owner of the apartment fatally shot the homeinvader in self-defense.

Local news reports:

A Yuma resident shot and killed an intruder in self-defense last Thursday night at the Medpark Apartments, according to Sergeant Lori Franklin of the Yuma Police Department.

48-year-old Thomas Selitto forced entry to an apartment after banging on the door, and a physical altercation with the resident ensued. The person told Selitto to leave the apartment, and Selitto responded with a verbal threat and advanced inside again.

The resident shot Selitto, who later died from his wounds. An investigation is ongoing. The Yuma Police Department encourages anyone with any information about this case to please call them at (928) 373-4700 or 78-Crime at (928) 782-7463 to remain anonymous.

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