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Wednesday, 14 June 2017 15:53

Women disarmed

Dear Fellow Patriot,

According to CBS News, “female participation in target shooting in the U.S. has nearly doubled in the last decade, growing to nearly five million women since 2001.”

As a proud gun owner I can attest to this trend. (Yes, that’s me in the photo!)

More and more women now know the best way to protect themselves and their families is to become well-armed and well-trained.

That’s why we must ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not only protected, but expanded in the coming years.

You see, with billionaire anti-gunners like Michael Bloomberg and George Soros plotting to hold onto the debris from Obama’s 8-year anti-gun rampage, I’m concerned.

They are hoping to manipulate advisors to President Trump in order to put any further expansion of the Second Amendment on the back burner.

That’s why it is important to remind President Trump that his loyalty should lie with the people who voted for him, not with a handful of left-leaning advisors.

That’s why I’m hoping you can click here and fill out our Pro-Gun Agenda Pledge to President Trump.

As you’ll see, this Pro-Gun Agenda has a list of solid things that President Trump and Congressional Leaders can do to expand our Second Amendment rights in order to make the Second Amendment Great Again!

Because of the petitions and other support from NAGR members and supporters, President Trump has already followed through on two of the items listed on our Pro-Gun Agenda: Nominating a pro-gun Supreme Court Justice, and repealing Obama’s Social Security Gun Ban.

But there is still a lot that President Trump could do, like removing the U.S. as a signatory to the U.N.’s “Small Arms Treaty;” which would be the boldest stand against the global gun grabbers that I have seen from any President, at least in my lifetime.

That’s something that President Trump could do right now, but the question is, why hasn’t he yet?

I’m hoping your petition could give him the oomph to get it done.

So please click here to sign your Pro-Gun Agenda Pledge without delay!

But that’s not the only important issue you’ll see on the Pro-Gun Agenda -- there are also over 200,000 veterans who were denied their Second Amendment rights throughout the Obama administration.

These brave men and woman got no trial, no due process, just a gun purchase denial notice, or letter in the mail saying “turn in your guns.”

This is no way to treat our country’s finest; these are men and woman who SERVED OUR COUNTRY.

If you want to put yourself on record firmly in support of those veterans’ rights, and in support of ending that horribly corrupt practice, click here to sign your Pro-Gun Agenda Pledge right away!

These petitions will give President Trump the encouragement he needs to realize that the Second Amendment should be a priority.

He’s a very busy man, and without a loud and clear showing of support, President Trump will likely focus on other issues.

To help amplify your voice, please also consider making a a generous contribution after signing your Pro-Gun Agenda.

I don’t know what you can give, but if possible, I hope you consider a donation of $100.

Your donations will go toward bringing more Second Amendment supporters into this important fight.

The more of us who stand together, the louder our message to President Trump will be.

We will use every tool in our arsenal to reach out and create an army of support: everything from mail to email, to cutting edge social media programs, internet ads, and even radio and TV ads if necessary.

Running a program like this isn’t cheap, that’s why I’m asking for so much right now.

But if $100 is just not possible at this time, please consider a generous contribution of $50 or even $20.

Whatever you give will be greatly appreciated, so please sign your Pro-Gun Agenda Pledge along with your most generous contribution right away!

I must count on you now, Fellow Patriot, please take action.

-- Crayle V.
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