News from National Association for Gun Rights
Thursday, 10 November 2016 11:09

Deadline tonight!

Fellow Patriot, It seems every ten minutes I am asked what the election of Donald Trump “means.” The fact is for every time I’ve heard Donald Trump say something on gun rights that I’ve cheered, there’s been another time I’ve cringed in disbelief. I appreciate he’s not a career politician who runs around with his tail tucked between his legs at the first sign of a reporter, but many past statements of supporting legislation like Obama’s “No Fly, No Guns” law and even the Feinstein gun ban are cause for concern. And what if he starts to believe media lies…
Tuesday, 01 November 2016 15:07

Too close to call

  Fellow Patriot, The election is too close to call . . . But there is another threat the media isn’t telling you about -- the so-called “Lame Duck” congressional session that will start barely a week after Election Day. You see, while the anti-gunners are wanting you focused solely on the election, gun grabbers are gearing up for one last stand, no matter who the next president is. Make no mistake, the election is important. But we can’t get too narrow sighted because the fight isn’t over on Election Day.In fact, it’s only beginning. Right now President Obama is…
Wednesday, 26 October 2016 16:47

Obama seeks ratification of U.N. treaty

  Dear Fellow Patriot, “OBAMA SEEKS RATIFICATION OF U.N. ARMS TRADE TREATY BEFORE LEAVING OFFICE.” 1 When they’re buried in an endless stack of presidential campaign coverage, even bombshell news headlines like the one above tend to get lost in the shuffle. And I believe that’s exactly what President Obama and his anti-gun pals are hoping for . . . You see, with the clock ticking until President Obama’s final day in office, more and more signals are pointing to an all-out “U.N. Small Arms Treaty” ratification showdown during the Lame Duck session of Congress -- right when millions of…