Laws regarding Long Guns

Michigan doesn’t require a permit to purchase long guns, and the age to purchase is in line with federal law of being 18+. Michigan has no additional restrictions on purchase.

“Assault Weapons” Law

Despite firearms restrictions elsewhere, Michigan surprisingly does not have an “Assault Weapons” ban. So feel free to enjoy your AR-15s, AK-47s, MP5s, and all the other really fun toys (that the 2nd Amendment was actually written for!)

Laws regarding Hand Guns

Age to Own a Handgun

Michigan allows individuals to own a handgun at the minimum federal age of 18. However, Federal also dictates that you must be 21 to purchase from a licensed firearms dealer (someone who holds an FFL). So handguns must be acquired through private party sales.

Handgun Permits

Michigan prohibits the issuance of their “Handgun Purchase License” (MCL 28.422) to anyone under the age of 18. This license is required for any purchase of a handgun, whether private or through an FFL. However, this requirement is waived if you have a CPL, a “Concealed Pistol License”.

Carry Laws

Michigan unfortunately does not have Constitutional Carry, but among the states that still require concealed carry permits, it has decent carry laws for protecting yourself outside your home.

Open Carry

Michigan does allow open carry of firearms without a permit (MCL 750.227). Rifles, shotguns, and handguns are all able to be carried outside the home openly, with the exception of needing a CPL to carry your pistol openly within your vehicle. We aren’t sure the logic there, but we don’t understand the logic behind most gun laws either.

Concealed Carry

Michigan is a “shall issue” state when it comes to concealed carry (MCL 28.425b). Meaning that unless the state has a clear defined reason to deny a permit, they must issue it if all steps of the application process are completed. In Michigan, this is an application with a class that demonstrates safe pistol handling, fingerprinting, and a digital photograph.

Laws Regarding 80% Lowers

Michigan has no laws regarding 80% lowers, privately made firearms, or your ability to manufacture as a private citizen. It also has no registration requirement, meaning you can keep your privately made firearms to yourself.

Laws regarding Magazine Capacity

No magazine restrictions for Michigan! All size magazines are legal.

Laws regarding NFA Items


Michigan has no laws restricting the ownership of short barrel shotguns or short barrel rifles, outside of federal laws.

Suppressors or Silencers

Michigan has no laws restricting the ownership of silencers or anything that would muffle the report from a firearm, outside of federal laws.

Machine Guns

Michigan has no laws restricting the ownership of machine guns or select-fire weapons, outside of federal laws.


Michigan has no laws restricting the ownership of AOWs, outside of federal laws.

Red Flag Laws

Michigan currently has no red flag laws. However, they have been introduced several times in it’s legislature. We are fighting to make sure they don’t pass!


Disclaimer: All information in this blog is for informational purposes only. Always double check your state and local laws. Laws are subject to change, and the information in this blog may not be up-to-date or accurate.