D.C. Swamp Ready To Pass Gun Control – How YOU Can Fight Back

Sep 5, 2019

Congressional recess is coming to an end, and anti-gun politicians who spent the past five weeks scheming up radical gun controls such as “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation and Universal Gun Registration are ready to impose their will on law-abiding gun owners.

If passed into law:

  • “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation would allow SWAT teams across America to raid the homes of law-abiding gun owners with ex parte orders to seize legal firearms, all based on anonymous and unsubstantiated complaint.”
  • Universal Gun Registration places every law-abiding gun buyer into a massive government database, and turns law-abiding citizens into felons if they want to sell a gun to a relative or friend without government permission.

Now is the time for America’s pro-gun grassroots to take action.

To make a direct impact on this critical fight for freedom today, you can click here and download printable postcards to share with your friends and send to your Senators.

You can also find postcards to send to the president here:

Alternatively, you can donate just $5 and we’ll send it for you!

It is critical the collective voice of pro-gun Americans drowns out the rhetoric from the gun control lobby and Fake News Media, so please do your part and take action today.

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