NRA official offers “compromise” on Virginia gun control

Jan 20, 2020

Richmond, VA – As anti-gun Democrats advance a half dozen radical gun control bills in Virginia, a key National Rifle Association lobbyist just dropped a bombshell.

The NRA is ready to “work to find compromise.”

This from the newly appointed NRA Virginia official, D.J. Spiker. His full quote appeared in a Reuters report on Monday morning as follows: 

 "The NRA is fully prepared to work to defeat Governor Northam's gun grab - but also work to find COMPROMISE." 
-- NRA official D. J. Spiker 

Signs that the NRA may be about to cave and strike a deal only a few days into this critical fight is deeply troubling and sends a bad message.

Compromise is Contagious

Two Republican State Senators, Emmett Hanger (R-24), and Siobhan Dunnavant (R-12) have already jumped ship by voting for SB 70, a Universal Gun Registration bill.

Any additional cover provided for Republicans or rural Democrats to vote for Universal Gun Registration at this juncture could prove fatal to efforts to kill these bills.

Worse, it could lead to even more defections for “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation, a so-called “assault weapons” ban, and a return to the ridiculous one-gun-per-month law.

Other Gun Rights Groups Fight Back

Notwithstanding the comments made by Spiker, the overwhelming pro-gun message from gun owners in Virginia today is clear as thousands of peaceful patriots flood the streets at the State Capitol for “lobby day”.

The National Association for Gun Rights is on scene handing out gear, and delivering hundreds of thousands of petitions to lawmakers with a simple no compromise message to elected officials: No deals, defeat gun control.

“I hope the establishment gun lobby doesn’t kowtow to  pressure and cut a deal, like they have so many times before,” said NAGR President Dudley Brown. “Now is not the time to play surrender monkey.” 


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