U.S. Rep. Targets ATF Director Steve Dettelbach Over Gun Restrictions

Dec 5, 2022

U.S. Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) calls out ATF Director Steve Dettelbach over “a deliberate attempt to usurp the authority of Congress and infringe on American citizens’ fundamental Second Amendment rights.”

Following the Thanksgiving holiday, Rep. Jim Jordan accused the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives of ignroing or failing to sufficiently respond to requests about the bureau’s efforts to regulate firearms through the rulemaking process.

One of those regulations targets homemade firearms, which has been known as an American pastime for over 100 years.

Jordan says the homemade firearm ban “goes well beyond the authority granted to the agency in any applicable federal statues,” and expands the legal definition of a firearm beyond what Congress has decided.

Furthermore, stabilizing braces (aka pistol braces) have also been under fire from the ATF, as their “rulemaking” determines a firearm with a barrel shorter than 16 inches and has a stabilizing brace is now a short-barrelled rifle, subject to the National Firearms Act.

Jordan disputes, “Congress hasn’t criminalized the use of a pistol arm-stabilizing brace.”

The National Association for Gun Rights opposes ANY restrictions on pistol braces and homemade firearms, especially restrictions determined by a non-legislative body.

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